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In Trpanj

If you decide to take a relaxing walk through the pine wood, do not miss the opportunity to visit the walls of the fortress of Gradina on the hill, above the old port. This fortress dates from the late Roman period and was built in order to ensure a safe journey to the Roman emperor Justinian.

From the fortress, there is a stunning view on the Trpanj harbor and the statue of the Lady The star of the Sea built on the rock and the wave breaker which was built in the oath to protect all the sailors of Trpanj in their journeys throughout the world.

On the St Mary’s Day August 15th, the inhabitants of Trpanj and adjacent villages come by boats under the Statute od the Lady to participate in the mass, while in the evening there is a big celebration and festivities.

Trpanj is well known by the Walkway by the Sea. About 2 kilometers of the paved road will bring you to the most beautiful beaches.

If you continue your walk, you can visit the St. Paul and Peter Church first mentioned in the historical records in 1657. The statue of the Lady of Rosario is certainly a sacral artistic object worth seeing.

On the most prominent hill, there is a Church of St Roko. From up there, you can enjoy a beautiful view on Trpanj and the Channel of Neretva. This church was built on the remnants of the older church in gratitude to St Roko, the protector against the plague. Up to the church take the stairs donated to Trpanj by the families of Trpanj.


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