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Apartments Sunny Trpanj are 150 meters of the nearest beach bu the sea walkway. A beach is a great place of sunbathing or relaxing in the shades od the pine trees with easy dive into the sea if you will.

sunny trpanj


for ones that like bathing in the mud of the sea.

blace ljekovito blato


beach named by the bay. Gravel and pebble beach at the Eastern side of Trpanj beloved by children by easy access to the water, even more by adults and parents monitoring their kids while enjoying the refreshments at the beach cafe.



by the camp, the newest addition to the beaches od Trpanj. The beach among its beauty is offering an extraordinary filling of the sea water mix with the beneath springs.



overlooking the statute of The Star of the Sea raised to honor Holly Mary. The beach is well situated for kids and older people by its easy slope entrance to the sea.

tvornica ribe


gravel beach right in the front of Hotel Faraon. Known as the town beach. It is the only facility offering the beach amenities like clutch chair rental, small boat rentals and beverage refreshments at the Tuna bar.

zalo gradska plaza


All of the Trpanj’s beaches in one. The famous beach of Trpanj.